Motorino offers licensing to established professionals or restaurant groups in the United States and worldwide.

How it works:

Once we agree on a great location in your area, we provide all necessary expertise to build the pizzeria. Using our design package, we will help your architect and designer to recreate the familiar look and feel of Motorino.  

We provide the Motorino recipe book - complete with video tutorials - for all recipes, as well as a precise list of ingredients to be sourced locally. A comprehensive service package will be available for your service director. Our graphic design package provides all Motorino artwork and templates for menus, business cards, uniforms, and other collateral materials used by the restaurant.

Once the restaurant has been built and your team is complete, chef and Motorino owner Mathieu Palombino will bring his opening team from New York to oversee all aspects of the operation. They will work closely with the kitchen and front-of-house management to create a productive and efficient working environment. The team will see the restaurant through its opening days, and return to New York once the operation is running smoothly. Follow-up visits will be made yearly, or as needed, to ensure that all locations stay up-to-date with the original restaurants in New York.

Each location will have its own page on the Motorino website with location-specific information such as menu, map, contact information, e-commerce, and gift certificates.

We have opened successful pizzerias in multiple locations across New York and Asia, and our system gives restaurant owners everything they need to run a thriving business. Each aspect of the day-to-day operation has been engineered to secure quality, consistency, and strong profit margins.


Q: What does the Motorino brand bring to a pizzeria?
A: From the owner’s perspective, we bring a robust system that is the end result of many years of refinement. For the guest, we bring our reputation: the Motorino name stands for impeccable standards in quality. Whether they know us from visiting our pizzerias in New York, or watching our segments on the Food Network, or reading glowing reviews in national publications, customers around the world know that it is a trusted place to get a proper Neapolitan pizza. We are recognized as one of the very best chef-owned pizzerias.

Q: How did you begin licensing of Motorino outside of Brooklyn?
A: A young restaurateur in Hong Kong contacted us and asked us to consider bringing Motorino to Hong Kong, as there were no pizzerias of this kind in the city. Our answer was, “If you are willing to do whatever it takes to recreate a Motorino and its product exactly as it is in New York, we can do it.” His first location opened in 2013, followed by a second a year later. Both are going strong today.  The successes of the restaurants in Hong Kong have brought other restaurateurs to us.

Q: What are the qualifications needed to license Motorino?
A: Licensees are selected on a case-by-case basis. It is important that operators share the same values of hospitality and professionalism that we do at Motorino. We want to be confident that you have the resources available to succeed.

Q: How many locations do you have worldwide?
A: Three pizzerias in New York City are run by Mathieu Palombino. We have two locations in Hong Kong, three in Manila, one in Singapore, and one in the Genting Highlands Resort in Kuala Lumpur.

Q: I am interested in licensing a Motorino pizzeria in my city. What should I do next?
A: Submit the form below, and we will contact you to schedule an initial meeting via Skype.


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